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Nathan Cowan Memorial Fund - R.C.Y.C.

The Nathan Cowan Memorial RCYC High Performance Athlete of the Year

Nathan was the first member of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) High Performance Sailing Team. He was brought to the club by Mike Milner who mentored him to a successful 2nd place finish at the 1995 Canadian Youth Championships.

For his contribution to the team and to recognize the many successful athletes that have emerged from the program, the RCYC, along with Mike Milner, Tommy Wharton, Chris Cook, Bernard Luttmer and Oskar Johansson established The Nathan Cowan Memorial RCYC High Performance Athlete of the Year. This award is granted annually and coupled with a $500 contribution from RCYC.

The trophy was donated by a long time contributor to the team, John Gill. Each winter, the High Performance Sailing Team hosts a camp at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron in Florida. John has generously housed the majority of the team since the camps inception in 2000. In the winter of 2000, Nathan coached the Sarasota Sailing Squadron Youth Program. At the time John was his host.


Ethan Holtzer - Laser Radial (2004)
Graeme Lockett - Laser Radial (2005)
Lee Parkhill - Laser (2006)
Ingrid Merry - Laser Radial (2007)