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Nathan Cowan Memorial Fund - Laser

2nd Place Trophy at the Midwinter's East

Anne Railey and the Clearwater Yacht Club have donated a trophy in Nathan’s Honour. This trophy is presented to the 2nd place finisher at the Laser Midwinter’s East. Nathan finished 2nd at the 1999 Laser Midwinter’s East and he was very proud of that accomplishment. The trophy was presented for the first time in the spring of 2003 to Andrew Lewis from Hawaii.


2003 - Andrew Lewis USA
2004 - Marc de Haas NED
2005 - Brad Funk USA
2006 - Matias Del Solar CHI
2007 - Bernard Luttmer CAN
2009 - Evan Lewis CAN
2009 - Clay Johnson CAN
2010 - Lee Parkhill CAN
2011 - David Wright CAN
2012 - Lee Parkhill CAN
2013 - David Wright CAN
2014 - Juan MaegliĀ GUA
2015 - Lee Parkhill CAN
2016 - Robert Davis CAN
2017 - Stefano Peschiera PERĀ