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Nathan Cowan Memorial Fund - The Athlete

Nathan was a member of the National Sailing Team and the Royal Canadian Yacht Club. Growing up in Oakville, Nathan trained at the OYS Sailing School with Oskar. In 1994, they joined the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club, where Nathan was remembered as a member who gave back generously. In 1996, they became the first 2 members of the High Performance Sailing team at RCYC. After six years of hard work, Nathan developed from an aspiring youth to a top notch Laser sailor ready to compete at the 2000 Canadian Olympic Trials. His combination of drive and dedication propelled him to an impressive 10th place finish at the 2000 trials. After this notable achievement, Nathan decided to test the waters of other Olympic classes. In the summer of 2000, he sailed the Soling National Qualifying Regatta (NQR) with Andrew MacTavish and Oskar Johansson. The following year he sailed the 49er NQR with Ben Remocker. He finished 5th and 4th, for Solings and 49ers respectively. Despite his success in these classes, Nathan ultimately decided that the Laser was his niche, and embarked on a campaign for the 2004 Olympics with training partner Bernard Luttmer. In 2002 Nathan was named to the Canadian National Sailing Team.